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FBI Vs. Americans

Feds are now threatening to arrest Americans who plan to travel and meet with Iranians, this September, at a peaceful conference in Beirut. Read our story by Megaphone’s Publisher, Sander Hicks.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: The Megaphone Interview

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is unique among the planners of the Iraq War: He’s the only one with the courage to admit he was wrong, the pretense for war was a hoax, and he takes responsibility. But what’s more, he’s an important voice for peace today, going forward.

Watch Video of this interview here.

in honor of William Blum

Bust the Trust: Time to break up Amazon

They work for CIA, they help do facial recognition for ICE, and now they are helping to create a “new brain” for the Pentagon. The New York Megaphone’s Andy Laties makes the Case: It’s time to Boycott Amazon! Click for article.



Megaphone’s Sander Hicks interviews activist Jamila Raqib about nonviolence activism around the world, and the work of the late Dr. Gene Sharp. Jamila Raqib is the Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institute, and worked closely with Dr. Sharp studying nonviolent peace struggles, and how they can transform “dictatorship to democracy.” Below is exclusive audio of the full, unedited intervie


rent is too high?

The Unions and the NY State Gov used to be directly involved in creating Affordable Housing in NYC.

Here’s a website exclusive, a sneak peak of our report on

Affordable Housing:

Here are the facts. In Brooklyn, in the last ten years, the cost to buy a home went up 68%. From $563K to $948K. Around WWI, rent was on average about $40 a month in NYC. Adjusted for inflation, this is $2,535 in today’s dollars. This is about one third less than today’s average rent of $3,584.

The “Free Market” is not a god. It’s not even a real thing. It’s just a concept that screws working people over. It’s a false god because there’s an unwritten rule that you must not question its power. This article will show: We can do better when we trash this idol.

This reporter last month went to a presentation and slide show from the Democratic Socialists of America. You know the DSA, the grassroots group that helped win a US Congressional seat for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The talk was called Taking Back Our Homes: Radical History of Tenant Activism in New York City on October 24, 2018.

In the early 20th Century, our city’s tenants suffered from zero regulation, a housing shortage, and the spectre of landlords raising rents exponentially. Manhattan was packed, with 2.3 million people at the time of World War I, much more than today (1.6 million). Apartments were often crowded, shoddy tenements.  

But immigrant women and unionized workers, with support from the Socialist Party (DSA’s predecessor), began to successfully organize to improve conditions....The struggles of ordinary renters eventually resulted in laws to protect tenants: rent control, rent stabilization, and cooperative housing.



New York Megaphone Publisher Sander Hicks was just interviewed on RT America regarding the controversy at Ground Zero, regarding Saudi Arabia, public art, and the full truth about 9/11. https://youtu.be/vIob1rxqfJA

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